Bennetts Intensive are now offering both automatic and manual driving lessons to offer more choice to our pupils. We are taking bookings for daytime weekday lessons now.

Learning in an automatic

Electric car

Bennetts Intensive have expanded their fleet of vehicles to offer automatic driving lessons for the first time in many years. With sales of petrol and diesel cars to be banned by 2030 and hybrids soon after all new cars after this date will universally have an automatic transmission. With this in mind its likely Bennetts will have more automatic cars in the future.

Whilst passing a manual car test you have the option to drive both manual and automatic cars some people do find driving an automatic car easier and if you have a disability it may be your only option available. In built up areas with high levels of traffic it can prove more convenient without the need for constant gear changing. Other advantages include not worrying about being in the wrong gear, stalling is almost impossible and rolling back on hills won’t happen if you are in drive.

If you want to enquire about starting to learn in an automatic please get in touch today.