What Cars do you use?
Our basic instructor cars are the new Ford Fiesta. Although other recent models may be used for automatic tuition or in the event of temporary vehicle replacement.
What car do I use for my Practical Test?
The Driving Standards Agency only provide the examiner, so you will be able to take the Test in the car that you have done all your training in (excepting breakdown etc). If you want to take the Test in your own vehicle you may do so but that car will have to confirm to certain standards which we can advise on.
Do I get anytime before the Test for practice?
Yes, normally you will practice for around an hour before your test time. As a result you will be charged for 2 or 2 hours instruction rate for Test day as this represents how long it will take for the test itself, practice hour and pick up and drop.
I have heard that you are more likely to pass your test if you take it later in the week or month is that true?
Definitely not, the result will be based on your ability on the day.
What are the examiners like?
Normal people. Some of whom are former driving instructors.
Is there a course with a guaranteed pass?
No. To ensure against potential failures these courses when offered by other schools are very expensive so we do not offer them.
As there are two Test Centres in Cambridge is one preferable to the other?
In Cambridge the two Test Centres share much of the same territory and test routes that they cover. One is no more preferable than the other.
Will my instructor smoke during my lesson?
Definitely not we operate a strict no smoking policy
Will I have to have my lesson with another pupil in the car?
No our lessons are strictly one pupil at a time.
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