Pass Plus / Motorway Driving
The Driving Standards Agency have put together the ‘Pass Plus’ scheme, which is designed to extend the skills of the newly qualified driver. All of our instructors can help with practical lessons on the motorway and detailed advice on other areas such as night driving, weather conditions etc.  
  ‘Pass Plus’ requires a minimum of six hours tuition and will result, on satisfactory completion, in a DSA certificate. This qualification is accepted by most insurance companies as evidence of a responsible approach to your driving and could result in substantial discounts in your premium.

Pupils who have undertaken the Pass Plus all say that they feel more "Road Ready" and confident to meet all the challenges of driving today.
Refresher Courses

Many drivers pass their tests but then do not drive immediately, or in some cases for a period of years. As a result they lose either their skills or their confidence. We are pleased to help people address their concerns by carrying out whatever refresher lessons may be necessary to equip them for the challenge of today’s driving.
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