Theory Test

Because of the very long wait for practical tests (Approx 7/9 weeks) and the fact that the practical test cannot be booked without it we strongly advise our pupils to take their theory test as soon as possible.

We will be pleased to book it for you. The cost is currently 23.00. It cannot be taken before your 17th birthday but can be taken on that day if required (not Sundays).
The test itself is taken in St Andrews House, St Andrews St, Cambridge. This is opposite the Post Office. It consists of two tests, the hazard perception test and the multiple choice questions more details can be found on the web site www.theorytestadvice.co.uk and www.dsa.gov.uk
Both elements will have to be passed at the same time or both retaken. THe DSA have now decided not to continue publishing the full question bank used in the theory test. This decision has been taken to try to ensure that candidates are not just learning the answers to the questions but are reading materials such as the highway code to enusre a complete understanding of their driving responsibility. Recommended book is The Official Theory Test for Car Drivers published by the DSA and if you have a computer at home Driving Test Success published by Lifestyle.
  Practical Test

The driving test is now designed to test your skills on as many types of road as is practical within the time allowed. Whilst this will obviously exclude motorways you will be expected to do some dual carriageway driving.
A maximum total of 15 driving faults are allowed within a successful test providing none of these are either serious or dangerous in the opinion of the examiner. Over 15 driving faults or one serious or dangerous fault will result in failure.
You will be required to carry out one of the four manoevres and possibly an emergency stop.

The test will take between 35-45 minutes and you will be informed in car of the result as well as being debriefed regarding any areas of concern.

A pass certificate will be issued on the day and you can drive on this until your new driving licence arrives. If you have the modern two part provisional licence the examiner can submit these for you and your full licence will arrive sooner. If you send the paperwork yourself you must complete the DVLA paperwork within two years to prevent the process of retaking both the Theory Test and the Practical Test. Currently the price of the practical test is 62.00 or 75.00 for a test on a Saturday.
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