Intensive learning is used by teaching establishments to build core skills in many walks of life. It has long been accepted as the best method to learn without periods of down time between sessions. This down time can often lead to skills being repeated again and again as they have not been practiced in between times.
Spaced tuition may make it easier to budget as a fixed amount per week for driving lessons, but it will inevitably lead to a larger overall cost due to the lack of continuity.  
The whole object of our Intensive courses, however they are constructed, is to achieve the core skills the pupil needs to attain the required standard of driving with only the essential amount of hours.
  Intensive courses also allow for you to meet lifestyle deadlines such as needing your licence for:
1) a new Job or
2) to transport a new family member etc
Whatever you need your licence for, an Intensive course is likely to be your most cost effective method of getting it.
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